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Hi, I'm Shae.


Oh joy, you've found me!

Call it fate, kismet, or dumb luck — but you've found me, and I can't wait to get to know you.

New York City is my home, and the world is my playground. I'm an intrepid explorer of the secret, sensual and sublime.

As a Northern California native, I blend West Coast soul with a New York edge. I’m relaxed, empathetic, affectionate, and love to make others laugh. I'm cerebral, a thinker, a writer, a voracious reader — and I'm also highly artistic, creative and imaginative. Find me at a dance class, in the yoga studio, volunteering at an animal shelter, or devouring a book with my dog on my lap.

I embody classic, elegant style, combined with a zany joie de vivre. Picture me at a black tie gala, the picture of modern glamor as I whisper witticisms in your ear. Or hiking up a mountain, swapping stories from our travels. I move through the world with grace, ease and good humor. I'm your "up for anything" woman.

Let's make some mischief.

As a lass with endless curiosity and myriad passions, I have a knack for connecting with people from any background, in any setting. I'm thoroughly at ease with myself — and thus, I give people permission to be at ease with me. Under these circumstances, true exploration (and delicious mischief) can unfold. 

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And you?

You’re kind, considerate, and love a good laugh. You’re not satisfied with the ordinary, the bland, the routine. In the moments waiting for a cab, strolling the park or toiling at work, you find yourself yearning for more — an escape from the everyday. A vacation (however brief) from the facades, empty pleasantries and constant pressures of everyday life.

Something nags at you. Something deep and elemental.

I'm here to help.

"Truth is, she’s everything and more than I expected. A fun, smart, super sexy woman, with a real gift for creating genuine human connection."

 — Tim


I've been waiting for you.

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