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Call it fate, kismet, or dumb luck — but you've found me, and I can't wait to get to know you.

I have a gift for putting you at ease. My joie de vivre is infectious, and my smile lights up the room. What is it about me? What it is about us that leaves you wanting more?

As we meet, you will be taken in by my witty, upbeat manner, my sparkling blue eyes, or my gently inquisitive nature. You won’t be able to resist stroking my long blonde hair or brushing my leg — yes, my skin is just as soft as it looks. My lithe body suggests the most delicious diversions. 

Are you ready?

I began as a provider in 2017 and quickly amassed a devoted clientele thanks to my rare blend of wit, charm, sensuality and life experience. I’m the perfect blend of nonjudgmental West Coast free-spiritedness and East Coast sophistication. Consider me your secret weapon — your confidant, sounding board, cheerleader. If you are looking for that special something — an electric connection that makes you feel intensely alive — I’m your woman. For an hour, an evening, or a weekend, let’s find each other.



“Shae is a radiant soul and an amazing woman. Physical perfection with a chill west coast vibe - she is engaging, intelligent, playful, compassionate and a true pleasure to be around.” - JY