Frequently Asked Questions


What are your policies?

  1. Non-discrimination: I do not discriminate based on race, religion, age, nationality, ethnicity, disability status or newbie status. If you require any disability accommodations, let me know. My incall is wheelchair-accessible.

  2. Cancellations: If you cancel on me within 24 hours before our booking, you will be required to pay 1/2 of the total fee. This fee will need to be paid before I will arrange a booking with you again. If you cancel on me within 12 hours before our booking — or no-show — you are required to pay my full fee.

  3. Reviews: I am a no-review companion and ask you refrain from reviewing me on any third-party platform. I do welcome testimonials, however.

  4. References: I am a reference-friendly companion. CLIENTS: If you require a reference from me, send me a note about who I should expect to hear from in advance. Also note that if I will only provide references for clients I have seen within the past 6 months. PROVIDERS: For references, kindly provide a client’s name and email address, as well as your own info (first and last name, ad links, website, social media ).


What's the best way to contact you?

Please fill out my booking form, or email your booking and screening info to I do not respond to emails that do not include your full screening info.

I like the cut of your jib, and I may want to see you sometime in the future. May I pre-screen?

I strongly prefer you have a date in mind when you contact me. That said, I like to keep the lines of communication open. If you would like to be pre-screened or are unsure of your schedule, I ask you grease the wheels by sending me a $25 Amazon gift card along with your screening info.

Are you available now? How about now?

Due to the volume of inquiries I receive, general "are you available?" queries are unlikely to get a response. Your best bet is to complete my booking form with your location and desired date details — these detailed inquiries get the quickest response from me. The more information I get from you upfront, the easier it is to arrange a rendezvous.  This is the case whether you wish to see me in two hours, two days or two months.

Can you host?

Yes! NYC gents can come see me in my luxe private haven in lower Manhattan, steps from Wall Street and the WTC complex.

Can you come to me?

I offer outcalls to Manhattan and the tri-state area. At my discretion, outcalls that require more than 45 minutes’ worth of travel may incur a travel fee.

What is your general availability?

For shorter meetings (under 4 hours), my general hours are 8am-midnight, 7 days a week. If you’d like a meeting outside these hours, simply ask and I’ll see what I can do.

I can only book an hour. Is that ok?

Yes! I happily offer one- and two-hour dates, and I aim to give all clients a great experience, regardless of whether you book one hour or an entire weekend.

I want to see you, but I don't want to complete your booking form or give you any screening info. Will you see me?


Are you newbie-friendly?

Yes! I offer multiple screening options for those without references.

Do you entertain couples?

God, yes! I require a two-hour minimum for couples. Also, add 50% to my normal fee. Both members of a couple must contact me separately to ensure you are both game for this adventure, and must pass screening.

Will you see me even though I’m black/white, old/young, a newbie, whatever/whatever?

Yes! I only care that you are safe and respectful.

Louder for those in the back: I only care that you are safe and respectful. 

Being safe and respectful encompasses a few things:

  • Respecting my time, boundaries, policies and welfare

  • Behaving with discretion

  • Communicating clearly, avoiding sending mixed messages, and contacting me only when you are ready to schedule an appointment

  • Submitting your screening info (and a deposit, if required) from the get-go, without me having to nag you for it

  • Being punctual

My group of friends is diverse. I enjoy spending time with people of all races, ages, backgrounds, medical histories, sexual orientations, etc.  

If you have a medical condition, disability or other factor that will have a bearing on our time together, simply let me know when you book and I will be thrilled to accommodate.

Do you have an upper or lower age limit for clients?

No, I do not have strict age guidelines. Just be safe, respectful and willing to screen.

I’m new to this, and I’m not sure what to do! Help?

First: The best way to get my attention is to fill out my Booking Form in its entirety. Second: Reach out to me when — and only when — you’re ready to schedule a date with me (even if that date is far in the future). 

References and Reviews

Can I use you as a reference?

Yes, I offer references via email. As of 4/15/19, I charge $50 per reference for all clients in good standing. The reference fee can be paid via Amazon Gift Card emailed to me at

May I review you?

No, I do not allow reviews. The review system is exploitative and gamed by those with fake reviews. I will blacklist those who don't adhere to my no-review policy.

If you enjoyed our time together, feel free to email me a testimonial to post on my website. 

Personal Questions

How old are you?

I'm 32.

Where are you from?

California, though I've lived in New York City for almost a decade. These two places perfectly represent the yin and yang of my personality. I will always embody California's laid-back nature, free spiritedness, and love of the outdoors (and peace and quiet). Meanwhile, my New York side is perceptive, decisive, wry, quick-witted, meticulous and glamorous. 

Are you a natural blonde?


Do you enjoy what you do?

Yes, tremendously! I find this avocation extremely fulfilling — both creatively and personally. 

Money, honey

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept payment in cash or via Venmo, though I strongly prefer cash and you should be prepared with the full fee in cash at the beginning of the appointment.

Do you require deposits?

Deposits are strongly suggested if you wish to see me while I am touring. Without a deposit of $100 or more, our date is merely penciled in. Deposits show you are serious about seeing me and allow me to book my tour, plan my schedule, and minimize the financial risk inherent with touring (despite popular belief, I do not have a Scrooge McDuck-style money pit).

Deposits are payable via e-gift cards, Venmo or prepaid gift cards (e.g. Vanilla Visa).

For NYC dates, deposits are not required, though I may ask for one at my discretion — especially if I haven’t seen you before, or if you have cancelled or no-showed on me in the past. Offering to pay a deposit without me asking is a great way to endear yourself to me. I take digital payments and bitcoin, plus an analog workaround (which takes 2-3 days, so please allow for that).

I require 50% deposits for all dates of four hours or longer. This allows me to safely block off the time in my calendar.

Some of my friends prefer to put down a deposit larger than 20%, or to prepay for dates in full. You are more than welcome to do so.

Let’s eat!

What are some of your favorite NYC restaurants?


Flora Bar



High St on Hudson

Pasquale Jones

La Contenta

Cafe Altro Paradiso

Lure Fish Bar

ABC Kitchen

EN Japanese Brasserie



What is your cancellation policy?

I do enforce a simple cancellation policy. If you cancel on me within 24 hours before our booking, you will be required to pay 1/2 of the total fee. This fee will need to be paid before I will arrange a booking with you again. If you cancel on me within 12 hours before our booking — or no-show — you are required to pay my full fee.

For our date, can I make a request around your outfit, shoes, etc.?

Yes! I have a wide-ranging wardrobe and I’m happy to take requests around my wardrobe and grooming. If you see an outfit or item of clothing in one of my photos that you like, feel free to request it. If you request an item or ensemble I don’t own, I may ask you to cover the cost of purchasing it.

I often get requests for casual outfits (e.g. jeans) and athletic wear/yoga pants — and I’m happy to oblige. 

If you wish to see me while I am touring, please tell me your outfit request at least a week in advance so I can pack accordingly.

Do you have novel date ideas? 

Absolutely! I’m happy to suggest activities, shows, and cultural events we'll both enjoy. An afternoon kayaking, scaling the wall at Brooklyn Boulders or learning to make paella? Let's plan!

Do you tour?

I tour occasionally, and prefer that gents outside of NYC either fly me to them, or sponsor a tour ($2100 and up). If you are outside NYC’s tri-state area and want to arrange a fly-me-to-you, or to sponsor a tour, please contact me.

Will you visit me in [Fargo/Timbuktu/Kalamazoo?]

If you want to see me in a city where I’m not touring, please book a Fly Me to You date — available for bookings of four hours or more. Please contact me for details.

Can I whisk you away for a trip to [Bali/Hawaii/Transylvania]?

Yes, I am passport-ready and an energetic and adventurous vacation partner. I require a 50% deposit and reimbursement of my travel costs. I will book my own travel. 


Can I get you a gift?

First of all, thank you for your generosity! I love receiving both physical gifts and e-gift cards (or just a note or e-card to say that you are thinking of me).

My favorite e-gift cards are those for Etsy or Net-A-Porter.  

My favorite physical gifts: A bouquet of lovely fresh flowers, fine dark chocolates or caramels, or a bottle of nice dry white wine or bubbly. Or tequila! Or a gift certificate for AIRE Ancient Baths here in NYC.

My favorite brands of lingerie are Loveday London, Fleur Du Mal, Bordelle, Taryn Winters, Janay Delicately British, and Fréolic.  Journelle and Pleasurements always have deliciously naughty options — and free shipping.

I can’t see you in person, but I think you’re cool. How can I show my appreciation from afar?

Thanks! I think you're pretty cool too. Here are a few ways:

  1. Join my Members Only section — you’ll support my independent creations and enjoy some nifty smut (with fresh nifty smut added at least once a month). It’s a win win!

  2. Buy me a gift or e-gift card

  3. Follow me on Twitter

  4. Subscribe to my newsletter, THE AFTERGLOW (scroll down for the sign-up link)


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