Below are the rates for my time and companionship. Scroll down for key details around deposits, cancellations and more.



NYC + Fly me to you

GFE Rates

For NYC incalls, I will host in my plush, private retreat in lower Manhattan, close to Wall Street and the WTC.

Dates longer than two hours must include an activity — a coffee date, a show, a decadent tasting menu...let's plan!

Couples are subject to a 2-hour minimum and a 50% upcharge.

3 hours / Lost in conversation / $1800 (preferred minimum for new friends)

4 hours / An extended reverie / $2400

6 hours / Mini vacation / $3200

8 hours / Fantasy takes flight / $4200

1 hour / Man of the hour / $640

1.5 hours / Secret handshake / $940

2 hours / A tantalizing tête-à-tête / $1200

In-date extension / $800 per hour

Extended Affairs

Overnight / A pillow fight and breakfast in bed / $5500

Entire weekend / The great escape / $7000

Vacation partner, fly me to you: $4k for first day, $3k for each subsequent day, plus reimbursement of travel costs

Outcalls outside NYC

Connecticut: I come to Greenwich, Stamford, Milford and New Haven by appointment. A two- or three-hour minimum applies, depending on your precise location. Please let me know your town at the time of booking, and kindly allow me at least 48 hours' notice to arrange transport and accommodations.

New Jersey and Long Island: I come to these areas by appointment only. A two- or three-hour minimum applies, depending on your location. Please let me know your town at the time of booking, and kindly allow me at least 48 hours' notice to arrange transport and accommodations.

Philadelphia: A three-hour minimum applies. Please allow me at least 48 hours' notice to arrange transport and accommodations.

Sponsor A Tour

I welcome you to sponsor a tour. Here's how it works: You live somewhere in the U.S. outside the tri-state area. You book a three-hour date or longer, and pay in full in advance, and I come to your city or town and build a tour around our rendezvous.

Sponsor a tour / $2100 and up



VIP Client status

Become a VIP client instantly by sending a $25 Amazon gift card or $50 Net-A-Porter gift card along with your booking/screening  information. Email gift cards to

This gesture demonstrates that you are serious about the booking and allows me to prioritize your screening and scheduling. 

(Note: this is different than the fee to join Members Only.)



Planning ahead is a must, as I have a full life outside of this one. Booking at least 24 hours in advance is highly recommended.


20% deposits are required to secure an appointment outside NYC. I am a meticulous organizer and have never had to cancel an appointment. However, if I change plans or have to cancel, I will return your deposit in full.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel within 12 hours before our booking, you will be required to pay half of the total fee. This fee will need to be paid before I will arrange a booking with you again.

Presenting Patronage

I ask that you present patronage in cash at the very beginning of our time together. Please have it prepared in an unsealed envelope. If we meet in public, please hand me the envelope inside a greeting card, gift bag or book. I may excuse myself to confirm it. If you are hosting, please place the envelope on the bathroom counter in advance of my arrival.

Privacy and discretion

Privacy and discretion are of utmost importance to me. I practice absolute discretion before, during and after our time together, and expect you to do the same. In order to protect your privacy and mine, I blur or cover my face on my website and social media. (And if you're hesitant to schedule a date with me because of this, I can report that my visage has yet to turn anyone to stone). I use an encrypted, offshore email address ( for all my correspondence, and delete your information after our date.

My Attire / Special Requests

I always dress appropriately for the setting and occasion with my trademark vintage flair. If you have any special requests around my attire, makeup, or anything else, please let me know at least 48 hours before our date. If you request something I don’t yet have in my wardrobe, you will be asked to cover the expense.


Are there two of you? I would be delighted to entertain you both! I have a two-hour minimum for couples. Each of you should contact me separately to ensure both of you are game for this particular adventure. Add 50% to the normal charge.

Overnight etiquette

Overnights are 14 hours together and must include dinner and coffee/breakfast in the morning. A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking. I require 8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep.