Travel, and the deliciousness of anticipation

About four years ago, the travel bug bit me hard. My civilian career was humming along, affording me the funds and comfort level to jet off to exotic locales (unlike some other Americans, I believe in sucking the marrow out of every one of my vacation days).

Now, for the first time in awhile, I don’t have any trips planned. And it’s a pity. Most of all, I miss the anticipation of a trip — knowing that as I move through my life, something jewel-like and gleaming is on the horizon, waiting for me.

Anticipation is one of my favorite feelings. It’s intoxicating.

Anticipating a trip to a new place is particularly magical — I get to savor all the lovely bits of traveling (my lips curling around new words; the thrill of exploring new roads and trails; tucking into delicious food at hole in the wall restaurants) without all the annoyances of traveling (lost luggage, cancelled flights, shifty cab drivers, fatigue).

Before I leave, I find myself forming exquisitely detailed pictures of my destination — the view from my room, the way the hotel concierge will greet me, the temperature and scent of the air — and they are invariably way off. WAY off. But that’s part of the fun — replacing my naive premonitions with vibrant, lived reality.

Here are the destinations I’m dreaming about at the moment. Maybe, by writing them down, the stars will align.

  1. Bali

  2. Peru 

  3. Guatemala

  4. New Zealand

  5. South Africa

  6. Vietnam / Cambodia

  7. Morocco

Shae Ashbury