Pretty cool

At the risk of writing one of those overly sentimental “I’m so grateful” posts, where I wax poetic about all the small pleasures in my life, from the sensation of sunlight kissing my face to the smell of coffee:

I’m feeling pretty thankful right now.

It’s pretty cool that I get to define success on my own terms.

It’s pretty cool that I get to add joy to this world, one person at a time. Life is confusing, lonely, and tense — maybe not for all of us, all the time, but for all of us some of the time. And it’s so cool that people find me, that they trust me to be their respite, their confidant, their shelter in the storm.  

Above all, it’s pretty cool I get to interact with — and meet — some truly spectacular humans. Both my sisters, and my clients.

It’s pretty damn cool.

Shae Ashbury