Fresh visuals!

My first photoshoot was a bit of an improvised affair. I plucked some lacy unmentionables from my drawer, picked up some flowers at the market, patted on some makeup and let the chips fall where they may. I didn’t invest very much mental energy into the shoot, as I didn’t know if this new venture of mine would pan out. 

I didn’t wear shoes in any of the shots, despite having a closet full of luscious stilettos. Nor am I wearing anything recognizable as clothes — streetwear, eveningwear or otherwise — in any of the photos. (While I truly love spending time in my birthday suit, I assure you I do wear clothes sometimes. In fact, I pride myself on having a versatile, elegant wardrobe with the perfect ensemble for every occasion — from a day at the ballpark to an evening at the opera.)

But, for all their haphazardness, the resultant pictures have a natural ease to them, and they launched Shae into the consciousness of some truly special people. And that’s the best I could hope for. 

Fast forward a month, and I pictured a shoot featuring rich burgundies, crisp summer whites, and a range of looks — from the "undone" look of lounging in bed in a hoodie or a tank top and boy shorts, to my typical evening look of a minidress and stilettos.

From the moment we started shooting, my lovely collaborator Insuh Yoon said he noticed a change in me from our first shoot. My confidence was through the roof. Can you see my wide smiles and coquettish smirks in the photos? I was having a ball. 

These photos display what it's really like to spend time with me. I'm polished but never pretentious or stuffy. I bring levity and fun to any situation. I break out in huge smiles. And I'm extremely comfortable in my own skin. I'm thoroughly at ease with myself — and in so doing, I give my companions permission to be themselves, too. 

So that’s my newest shoot. I hope you enjoy it.

Shae Ashbury