A few things I've learned

(Ed. note: I first posted this as a Twitter thread, but thought I'd reproduce it here for my lovely blog readers.)

A few things I've learned as a companion: a thread.

Chutzpah, a smile, and a confident walk will get you almost anywhere.

Conduct yourself with grace and honor, but know that not everyone does the same. Wolves wear sheep’s clothing. Trust, but verify. And know when to walk away.

For dates, you really only need a few outfits and a few sets of lingerie. Anything beyond that is for your ego, convenience or to impress other women.

Men take really short showers.

It’s really hard to look cute while taking off a pair of skinny jeans.

Men are hilarious, charming, complex, strange, sensitive, mixed-up individuals, and I adore their company.


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