My top three blog posts of 2018

It’s New Year’s Day 2019, and I’d like to quickly share the top three posts from last year, ranked by number of pageviews:

3. A few things I’ve learned (January)

Important update: men still take really short showers, and I still hop around like an idiot while taking off skinny jeans.

2. The truth about non-pros (August)

This was one of my first (perhaps THE first) post where I really bared my soul and was like "Hi, here’s what is actually going on in my life.”

Due to the positive responses I got from the post, I wrote several more super-revealing posts (notably this one, this one, and this one), with more planned for 2019. Enjoy reading more navel-gazing dreck, suckers! But seriously, thank you for being such close, compassionate readers.

And now for the most-viewed post of 2018…

1. My Strangest Client (August)

My theory on why this post was so popular: everyone is worried they are just like everyone else, and simultaneously, that they have something wrong with them that everyone’s too polite to bring to their attention.

Rest assured, you are perfectly normal and fine. Probably.

But if you’re worried, you should definitely book a date with me, just to make sure.

Honorable mention: Missed Connection (November)

This was the #4 post by page views. More notably, this post spurred — and is still spurring — an overwhelming reaction from readers. I’m still receiving thoughtful and touching notes from men who saw a bit of themselves in the man I wrote about.

When I wrote the post, I knew in the abstract that mental health issues among men are extremely common, largely untreated, and little-discussed. I’d seen the research and statistics. However, the responses to the post were really what really brought it home for me. It seems I’ve struck a nerve, and I’m grateful to all the people who have entrusted me with your stories.

You have inspired me to write more unflinching and unvarnished posts in the upcoming year. Thank you.


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