Seeing it all

Some people seem to believe that as a provider, I “see it all.” You know: the guy with the fetish for that thing. The guy who’s into that. The guy who would never do that other thing with his wife — but a provider, on the other hand…

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m a GFE provider. If you’re into hanging from meat hooks, you probably won’t come to me in the first place. (Not that there’s anything wrong with hanging from meat hooks.)

I’m also not a punching bag. I’m not a passive recipient of whatever you wish to do to me.


It’s rare I find my clients’ hidden desires strange at all. On the contrary, having desires is the most normal thing in the world, and it’s my joy and pleasure to explore with you. 

My suitors may have a hidden side (everyone does) or certain desires they can’t explore within the context of a primary relationship. They may have offbeat interests, or rough edges, or something they wish to explore and never have. Or, perhaps, they harbor some aspect of themselves that doesn’t square with their professional or family life — or even their self-conception. All extremely common.

We all contain multitudes — and, as a self-proclaimed lovable weirdo, I love being right there with you.

In fact, I’m thoroughly charmed when a client trusts me with his hidden desires. It’s healthy, and it takes guts,  to open up to another person. I’m honored when people choose me. 

So. As a GFE provider, “seeing it all” mostly has to do with seeing the truth of mens’ hearts, minds and lives. 

The truth of loneliness— including feeling lonely in a marriage or long-term relationship.

The truth of having a midlife crisis. The truth of feeling like a cliche, living a life of quiet desperation.

The truth of loving your partner a lot, and still needing something they can’t provide.

The truth of aging, illness, disability, death. Your body working differently as you get older. Your desires being out of sync with your body, your lifestyle, or the morality or values you were taught.

The truth of needing variety, or closeness, simplicity, no-strings-attached thrills, a judgment-free zone. Sharing a little joke with someone. Staring into someone’s eyes. Telling them something you’ve never told anyone before. Being silly and in the moment. 

The truth of seeking something, and hoping you find it, as we encounter each other for the first time. Will you live up to my expectations? Will I?

The truth of divorce, breakups, children, stressful jobs, being 40 or 50 or 60 and still not having life totally figured out.

The truth of needing an escape from the everyday.

Those truths are what I’m most interested in. Not the ways I can [blank] your [blank], though I can do that too.

I see the truth — or a truth, anyway — of being a man in today’s world. The weight of expectations, the status-consciousness, the workaholicism, the burnout, the feeling of what’s-the-point.

In every one of my clients, I see something to love.


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Shae Ashbury