Step behind the curtain...

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. OnlyFans nuked my account with no warning and no recourse, presumably for the crime of…being a sex worker? Being a committed performer with a cute body and a devoted following? I’m not exactly sure what their beef is, exactly. If you were a fan, tipper, or custom clip buyer, you should have received a full refund, which means you got to enjoy my content for free and I’ll never see a dime of my earnings. Hooray.

If you can’t get enough of me, I have some happy news for you!

OnlyFans: I’ve started an OnlyFans! This platform is like a private, uncensored, subscription-based version of Twitter. Subscribe to my feed monthly to get a raw, candid, constantly updated look into my world, commission custom videos, make requests, chat with me, and more. I’ll be posting solo photos and videos, as well as play videos with other top companions from around the world.

I’m having such a blast with it so far, and I can’t wait to see you over there! Subscribe now.

Unblur Media: Buy my videos a la carte. All videos on Unblur will also be posted on OnlyFans, but if you want to purchase a particular video, head on over to Unblur. It’s like ordering a sandwich on Seamless, but muuuuch sexier.

Members Only (premium photos) will continue in its current form for now, but will slowly be phased out in favor of OnlyFans and Unblur. Members Only is so successful, it became a bit cumbersome to administer. A huge thank you to all the members of Members Only who encouraged me to pursue my homegrown smut dreams :)

Shae Ashbury