My friends think I'm cool.

I am a no-review companion. In lieu of reviews, my friends sometimes write me a testimonial. Testimonials are shared below with the writers' permission. 

“First of all, Shae is a beautiful woman, who is exactly the person she says she is on her website.  

But Shae is also much more than that. She is elegant, kind, fun, funny, open, whip-smart, compassionate, a listener, a story-teller, a thinker, a trusted sounding board, even a goofy punner. She is a complete and true companion in every sense of the word. Within 10 minutes of first meeting her, I tell her things I’ve never told anyone else. She is that disarming. At 15 minutes, we’re laughing at our own new private jokes. She is that much fun to be around. (And once we’re done talking, she is everything I could ask for and more.)

If you’re looking to spend time and connect with an absolutely lovely woman — who is a real and genuine person, who has interesting ideas and thoughts and perspectives, and who no doubt will leave you with an extra bounce in your step when you go — Shae is that woman.  Just please don’t get too attached, so she still has time to see me!”


“I cannot believe how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to make Shae’s acquaintance. 

I have met Shae on several occasions and each time was better than the last.  I have never met anyone who is as gorgeous as Shae (both inside and out). Heads definitely turn when she walks into a room. Not only is Shae stunning, she is easy to talk to, has a fantastic sense of humor and an amazing quirkiness that really defines what an incredible person she is. In other words, Shae is perfect.

On each occasion, I could have looked into her beautiful eyes, watched her smile, listened to her laugh and touched her soft skin for the entire time. Being with her felt like the world revolved around us and at the end, I could not wait to see her again. The only way I know how to explain my time with Shae is “WOW.”

- Jim

"Shae is a radiant soul and an amazing woman. Physical perfection with a chill west coast vibe - she is engaging, intelligent, playful, compassionate and a true pleasure to be around.

As a nervous newbie I had no idea how our time would go.  She put me at ease immediately and before long it felt like I was reconnecting with a long lost kindred spirit. I did not expect this at all and it was a VERY pleasant surprise.  If we had another bottle of wine and a cheese board I probably could have talked and laughed for our entire time together!  I’m glad we didn’t because everything else was incredible. Bottom line: you are doing yourself a disservice if you pass up an opportunity to see her!”

  • JY


"Shae is not only a smoking hot woman, but what made my time with her special was her attitude and willingness to connect with a newbie like me. Pictures don't do her justice. Treat her well and I am sure she will return the favour."

- AR


"Shae's truly a joy to spend time with. She is smart, attentive, intuitive, and very sexy. She put me at ease immediately. She has this way of making you feel like you are with a long lost friend. I have connected with few other people like I have with her. I always look forward to the next time we can connect.  She is simply the best."

- AP


"Shae is a really pretty blonde, elegant and striking.  It was obvious who she was when she arrived at our rendezvous point — she is just that pretty, with striking blonde hair, great smile, and wide bright eyes. It was really a pleasure sitting with her, because she's wonderful to look at, not just her face but the way she carries herself, too, and nice to speak with — attentive and bright, with frequent smiles and laughs. And she makes you feel very special just being with her and enjoying her presence — certainly in public, but in private as well."



"With Shae being a no-review provider, I was slightly apprehensive at first, not least because her testimonials seemed a little too good to be true. I wasn’t disappointed. Truth is, she’s everything and more than I expected. A fun, smart, super sexy woman, with a real gift for creating genuine human connection. Made me feel like I was the only other person in the world that mattered. 

And because as any New Yorker knows, it can be comically complicated to get schedules to match sometimes, I much appreciate how totally professional and communicative Shae was throughout. Everything was handled with patience and good humor."

- Tim

"Shae is just a delight. I say that due to her sense of humor, personality and understanding. Her flawless ivory skin, understated make-up  and retro vintage look fit perfectly with who she is. And who is she — Shae is a warm, funny, smart woman — equally comfortable talking art and culture as she is laughing with me about the silly gift I brought her and making me know she honestly appreciated it. So easy to be with and be myself, no judgments just a cool, classy lady to have a good time with."

- D


"Shae has blown away all my expectations. She is beautiful but approachable. Smart but loves to be silly. In essence she is not afraid to be herself — there is no pretense, no hassle. She is a real human being dedicated to finding and nurturing your own unique chemistry. From her warm e-mails that put you at ease, to her sweet little gestures that endear her to you, Shae will go out of her way to make sure your time together is special. 

It's only a matter of time before Shae takes over this town. So if you're lucky enough to meet her, be sure to treat her well. Shae is truly one in a million."

 - A

"Shae seems almost too good to be true. Gorgeous inside and out. Affectionate. Funny. Bright. We connected immediately. For me this is about much more than physical contact, and Shae is the real deal on every level. She’s not only my new ATF (all-time-favorite). She feels like a new friend."

- Mark


"Shae is a beguiling mix of sexy sophistication and an almost girl next door openness (if the girl next door was incredibly hot). She comes across as someone you might have met at a conference or at the gym where sparks flew, leading you to drinks or dinner. It's a lovely feeling — and it's matched with a lithe, toned gorgeous blonde, who manages to make you feel relaxed and make your heart beat faster at the same time."

- NC

“Shae is an erudite man’s wet dream:  gorgeous, globally traveled,  with an incisive, inquisitive, and irreverent mind, and uncommonly sweet and endearing. She is prettier than the pictures on her site because they hide her breathtaking face. She is perfectly stunning with a brilliant smile and vivacious laugh.

But what is clear from the moment you meet her is that she has a sophisticated aura that doesn’t diminish when she is giving you her all.  

But if you are reading this, you are still trying to convince yourself to do this. Here is what I can tell you about the experience you are about to have: she is genuine, open and caring; all the things you can’t really pay for. If she has decided to see you, stop looking for assurances and run to see her.  

And by the way, after you do see her, drop me a thank you note because I just did you an amazing solid."

— Thomas

“Shae is beautiful and genuine, a magical creature with sparkling eyes. My time with her was simply pleasure to all senses. Touching, smelling, tasting, seeing her from all angles, listening to her words (and other sounds) was an exhilarating experience. Smart, passionate and sincere, my time with her could not have been better.”

— Richard


“I LOVED our time as well and wished we had 2-3 hours or more!!! I could not get enough of you...

— RJ